Ocean Sole Africa’s core values are supporting impoverished coastal communities to help us clean beaches.

Our raw materials for our art is from the ocean and waterways. As our process is manual, not machine, we take that ocean trash and create unique artwork from the flip-flops.

In turn, jobs are created, our beaches are cleaned, and our ecosystem is improved. 

We are always in need of support to keep these beaches clean and help local communities recycle. Whether it is donating for a specific beach clean up, supporting coastal communities for recycling, buying machinery, or sponsoring a beach after yourself, YOU CAN HELP!

Donate towards our weekly beach cleanup efforts.



A donation of $20 removes 146 lbs of trash off our beaches!

A donation of $50 removes 356 lbs of trash off our beaches!

A donation of $100 removes 1 tonne of trash off our beaches!