Create your Own Sole Designs

If you have an idea to be different or to make a statement, we can make it out of flip flops. Basically truly the art of the possible can be anything. We have made company logos, dragons, endangered species, dogs, boats, cars, camels, tractors, team mascots, horses, interior decorating contemporary designs, furniture, we can make anything from recycled flip flops. The more unique, the more we love the challenge. What is fascinating is our artisans can do this from simple pictures blown up on a projector. They can visualise the end product so quickly and we marvel at watching them see a few pictures, then go to the raw materials and start right away. In a matter of hours with the recycled foam and flip flops you start to see the art come alive. Using just rudimentary knives and sandpaper, it is a sight to be seen.

Our client’s include PR firms, corporations, charities and other compassionate organisations, which love making custom designs that demonstrate their commitment to our cause and conservation. Our flip flop art and co-created sole designs show the purchasers willingness to use art to be bold in their dedication to conservation awareness and need for action.

Let us create sole design masterpieces with you today.