Creating Unique Experiences

We are unique and love partnering with other businesses, organisations and individuals that are as unique as we are. At Ocean Sole Africa, we strive to work with our partners and customers to create a customised unique experience for themselves, their clients or their patrons.

We have made large life-size flip flop art masterpieces for botanical gardens, birthday parties, weddings, product launches, real estate openings, zoos, shopping malls, children’s hospitals, corporate lobbies, charity auctions and many more. Our passion is taking your mission and working to create a unique experience to gain attention to your cause. Whether it is about your brand, or event, or project, we are here to help you leave an impression on others through our art. At Ocean Sole Africa, we will help you from the beginning to the day if you’d like, being with you to enjoy the experience.

Let us create something unique together.