Solemate Project is a multiyear effort to create life-size flip flop art replicas of over 200 mammalian endangered species and travel the globe to inspire action through education and awareness to help save wildlife by supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts.

Over the last few years, we have seen the Endangered Species list increase year-on-year due to the plight of our Earth’s health.  One of the greatest threats to animal and plant conservation is habitat loss. Oceans are one of the largest habitats since they cover 71% of the entire Earth’s surface.  However, they are greatly affected by human activity.  endangered species numbers are rising because of the vast damage humans are doing to the ocean.  Namely, we have altered 66% of the ocean surface.

At Ocean Sole, we have been picking up the millions of flip flops that end up on our Kenyan beaches and waterways every year.  We transform the flip flop pollution into beautiful art and believe our endangered species mammals will bring attention to multi-generations about the plight of these species and our Oceans.  The idea was sparked when our artisans went to the Nairobi National Park and saw the real animals that they make daily in our workshop.  As they listened to the Ranger, our artists were saddened to hear about the extreme conditions of our rhinos, that they were near extinction. With tears in their eyes, they asked so many questions about how this could happen, that is when we knew we need to act and take our success as artisans to the world and share the message about our endangered species.  

Our Goal:

By 2025, we want to have made life-size replicas of the over 200 mammalian critically endangered species to travel the globe and raise awareness and funds for conservation efforts.

 You can donate to the cause by clicking on the link below: